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Cattle Shows

Participation in cattle shows is one of the most important means used by the Argentine Limousin Breeders’ Association to publicize the breed by exhibiting its genetics and coming into close contact with cattle producers in Argentina. For over 30 years it has attended, among others, the cattle show in Palermo (BA) hosted by the Argentine Rural Society, the most important event in Argentine Pedigree Cattle Raising.

A cattle show called “Limousin Spring” has been held every year over the past three decades. It is organized exclusively by our Association. Initially, the venue was the old centre of the Argentine Rural Society in Del Viso (BA). Later on it has been held in different locations as Jesús María (Córdoba) as well as in the premises of the Rural Society in Cañuelas (BA). This show is the most relevant showcase for the breed: all categories of Limousin males and females are on show: Purebred, Grade Up and Three Quarters.

Additionally, the Association hosts the annual autumn show and sale aimed particularly at promoting Limousin females. This show had always been held in Las Flores and Cañuelas (both in the province of BA); over the past four years it is included in La Nación Ganadera (Tandil and Olavarría, BA): a most prestigious show hosted by 100-year old La Nación newspaper, with Limousin and Hereford as the leading breeds.

Our Institution is also present and exhibits breeding stock at the largest open shows in Argentina –such as Expoagro (previously called Expochacra or Feriagro) and Agroactiva—in the most productive regions of the country.

Along the same line, we sponsor rural shows in the interior provinces. The cattle show at Jesús María (Córdoba) being one of them. Member breeders also show and sell sires in various cities across the country, such as Salta, Reconquista, Vera, Río Cuarto, Córdoba, San Cristóbal, Canals, Resistencia, Las Breñas, Exaltación de la Cruz, General Pico, Gral. Madariaga, Maipú, etc.