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The Argentine Limousin Breeders Association

The Argentine Limousin Breeders Association was launched on July 21, 1966. It is the first association of the breed “in the entire world” founded outside France –the Limousin cradle country. It is the official instrument for disseminating information on the Breed and promoting the value of its animals based on their control and quality warranty. The Technical Department of the association supervises production registries that underscore breeders’ selection in field tests. Limousin achievements are clear proof of the capacities of a biotype that has attained an outstanding performance based on its fertility, calving ease, high biological efficiency, longevity –in production– and adaptability to various climate conditions, among other assets.

To date, we have over 10,000 purebred cows and over 22,000 in absorption under the control of our Association.

In the international field, the Association is a member of the International Limousin Council, based in Limoges, France. It is also a founding member of the MERCOSUR Limousin Association, launched in September 2004 jointly with Limousin Associations of Brazil and Uruguay. Among its aims are the promotion of the Breed in the region and sharing genetics and technical information focused on its improvement.

In the domestic scene, the Association is open to those who share the guidelines set by our breeders. These guidelines have materialized in an organisation that provides technical and commercial services, particularly offering advice to new breeders.

Lastly, the technical and commercial challenges that breeders of pure breeds are likely to face in the near future will find an adequate response in the Limousin Breeders Association.