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The National Secretariat (currently Ministry) of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food (res. 1381/04), through its publication in the Official Gazette (Nº 30563), dated January 5, 2005, officially attributed a quota for exporting Hilton Cuts to our Breeders’ Association. Undoubtedly, this achievement favoured our Institution, Associates, Breeders and Producers of the Breed. The quota covered exports of high quality chilled boneless Limousin cuts to the European Union. As from that initial period and in view of its satisfactory qualifications, the Association has exported top quality meat to the EU consistently and without interruption.

The Argentine Limousin Breeders’ Association together with producers who participate in the project and under the quality protocol (production and production process) named “Argentine Limousin Steer” can provide special beef, appreciated all over the world with the addition of profits obtained through added value throughout the livestock and industrial production line.

It is worth noting that our Breeders’ Association sees to all matters concerning the coordination of cages destined to slaughter, price settling with producers involved in the project, certification of the quality of the steers delivered, and coordination and settling of sales.

From the first period (2004/2005) up to the present, slaughtering was carried out in different top beef companies approved by the European Community. As from 2011 to the present, slaughtering is concentrated in establishments located in Unquillo (Córdoba) and Hughes (Santa Fé). Both belong to Marfrig Argentina Group S.A.

As usual, all steers slaughtered for Limousin Hilton witness an exceptional performance, the ‘brand name’ of our breed: their yield ranges from 59-63%. This provides the beef necessary to export special Hilton and Extra Hilton cuts, basically marketed in Germany, Holland, Spain, U.K., among other countries.

It is important to note that once the transaction has been settled abroad, the Argentine Limousin Breeders’ Association grants bonuses based on the net profits received through the quota to producers involved in the project. This special bonus is transferred to producers within 60 days as from the cattle slaughter: this is a relevant financial boost and an incentive to send Limousin steers (pure blood or up to 1/2 Limousin blood) with the highest beef quality.